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Innovation Pessimism

“The idea that innovation and new technology have stopped driving growth is getting increasing attention. But it is not well founded. Has the Idea Machine broken Down?” This is a must read article recently featured on the Economist. It is an interesting take on innovation as it is happening today. According to Peter Thiel, a founder…

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The New Age of Innovation

Author: C.K. Prahalad Date Published: 4/08/2008 Price: $29.95 Random Page from the Book Editorial Review Consumer Review Summary Description: Prahalad and Krishnan show us how innovation will be driven by the seamless integration of strategy, business processes, technology, and people. While this may seem an insurmountable task, the authors delight the reader by creating an…

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Technology and Technology changes

What are the types of technology changes? There are three types of trends and conditions — technology diffusion and disruptive technologies, the information age,and increasing knowledge intensity — through which technology is significantly altering the nature of competition and in doing so, is contributing to unstable competitive environments. Technology diffusion is the rate at which…

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