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Net Results Plus Net Rewards, Equal Net Profits.

Net Result, Net Reward:  These two succinct yet powerful phrases define the last imperative of Robert’s Rules of Innovation.  The principle is essential; dynamic innovation will yield a profitable return on investment (ROI) measured as a favorable direct correlation of innovative ideas and net profits earned. In Robert’s Rules of Innovation, the core of “Net…

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Innovate to Thrive: Time to Open the Throttle

As leaders search for the next process that will transform their organizations into category leaders, for many – it seems – the answer is close at hand: Innovation. Over the past several weeks and 10 posts on the Vistage Blog , we’ve reviewed key imperatives that formed “Robert’s Rules of Innovation” and that together create…

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Net Rewards

Innovation is ultimately about return on investment at the end of the New Product Development process. With the success of a new product launch, everyone benefits – from shareholders and company employees to the consumers. Innovation done well reaps market share gain, new products and new features. Essentially, everyone wins. The last imperative of Robert’s…

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