Once you have completed the Short Innovation Audit for an initial read of your Innovation status and needs, the next step is an In-depth Innovation Audit. This in-depth Audit is a part of the Innovation Coach engagement. Innovation Coaches “Help leaders deliver profitable growth through sustained Innovation” By applying Robert’s Rules of Innovation™, we help create and implement "The imperatives to create and sustain 'New' in Business" Coaching services are rendered by Robert Brands, Principle of Brands & Company, LLC or one of the Certified Innovation Coaches in the network.



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The following coaching services are available:

Sustained Innovation Commitment Package: One year commitment or 5 engagement day (2.5 prep/post days included) Innovation Audit and Action Planning: 2 days on site, includes one day of preparation and one day to do in-depth Innovation audit and interviews plus a second day for creation of action plans and follow through

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Learn More About Innovation: Read Robert’s Rules of Innovation
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