Tools & Software

Innovation Coach Network supports and encourages the use of the following Innovation tools

Innovation creation but more importantly to create sustained Innovation needs software solutions. The solutions are ideally suited for the larger companies but we provide options for mid size companies as well.
Software solutions that are available are:
1. Development Collaboration Software (New Product Development Software)
2. Ideation Software (Creating and managing ideas towards to end of the funnel towards actual product development)
3. Innovation Culture Software (Corporate Innovation Communication software to create a true sharing and collaborative open environment)

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ideaken enables enterprises when they need to collaborate to innovate, with employees, customers, research vendors, academia or with the global pool of talent. ideaken, a software as a service platform, is powered by innovation centric collaboration techniques, best practices & processes bundled into one single service conducive for open innovation.



Champio is a web app that sources ideas and projects from employees, tracks the areas of expertise they contribute to, and then uses that to build employee profiles.