The Ultimate New Year’s Resolution For Business Leaders: ADOPT SUSTAINABLE INNOVATION MEASURES

Upcoming book, Robert’s Rules of Innovation™, the roadmap for successful innovation implementation…

CORAL SPRINGS, FL- January 4, 2010 – According to the authors of the forthcoming book, Robert’s Rules of Innovation™ (ISBN # 978-0470596999, John Wiley & Sons), the number one New Year’s resolution for savvy business leaders should be implementation of a sustainable culture of innovation — despite the steady drumbeat of negative economic news.

The authors assert that accelerated innovation is a key to maintaining corporate health into the new year and beyond, as well as helping secure the U.S.’s place in the global economic order. “Although it’s understandable to be wary of failure in such a financially uncertain time, this is exactly the worst type of environment to shy away from aggressive innovation efforts and their inherent risks,” said Robert Brands, author of the book, with Martin Kleinman.

“Innovation implementation should be right up there on the usual ‘resolution list’ with weight loss, more exercise and smoking cessation,” he said. “Considering the amount of time business leaders think about the future of their company, and the impact of competition, it’s fair to suggest ‘implement sustainable innovation’ as a top priority for 2010,” Brands said. “Innovation is a must-have and, in my view, cannot be postponed, like purchasing a new car. It’s your company’s life-blood. And, remember too, the perfect time to ramp up your innovation efforts is exactly when your cash-strapped competitors are slashing their programs.”

In times such as these, Brands said, innovation can be an easy target given the short-term costs. R&D outcomes are uncertain and it’s natural for leadership to become risk averse during difficult times. Recent reports from the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office show a 2.3 percent drop in U.S. patent filings – as U.S. patents issued to foreign businesses jumped 6.3 percent.

However, the authors of Robert’s Rules of Innovation point out that following key innovation “imperatives” in time of recession is not only doable, but necessary for survival in today’s highly competitive global economy. According to Brands, the key imperatives to creation of a successful, lasting innovation strategy are: Inspire; No Risk, No Innovation; New Product Development; Ownership; Value Creation; Accountability; Training and Coaching; Idea Management; Observe and Measure; and Net Result and Reward.

These 10 imperatives are distilled from Brands’ wealth of experience as a leader of international product development teams and are the guiding principles today’s business leaders need to build, nurture and profit from their innovation programs.

Rich with real-life examples, contributed by Brands and his international network of Innovate-For-Success experts, the book is a must-read for managers who know, in their gut, that – today – it’s Innovate, or Perish.

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Industry veteran Robert Brands is the founder of Brands & Company, LLC, an international consultancy ( dedicated to helping business leaders create sustainable innovation programs that deliver profitable growth. Brands has more than a quarter-century of experience in creating innovative, breakthrough products at such firms as Kohler Company, Sylvania and Philips Lighting.

As managing director of the Rexam Plastics Personal Care Division, Brands led a global team of operations, marketing and NPD professionals who developed products found in households throughout the world. The former leader of Airspray N.V., Brands led the company forward to become the worldwide leader in innovative personal care product packaging – including the non-aerosol, instant-foaming hand soap, considered one of that industry’s biggest breakthrough product designs in the last 25 years.

Martin Kleinman is a New York-based writer and marketing communications specialist, and managing director of Communications Strategies (