Conducted by, online poll shows managers know what it takes to enhance Culture of Innovation, yet implementation proves difficult…

CORAL SPRINGS, FL – June 24, 2009 – A national survey of business executives released today by indicates that professionals are aware of the building blocks of sustainable Innovation, yet find these very elements of corporate culture amongst the most difficult to both put in place and maintain.

Results of the online survey show respondents select cultural attributes “Risk Taking” (78 percent) and “Inspiration” (67 percent) as elements that should be in place to create sustainable Innovation, and yet many (58 percent and 37 percent, respectively) find them among the most challenging to implement and continue.

In addition, critical factors such as “Accountability” (70 percent) and “Ownership” (75 percent), are also amongst the most frequently cited as fundamental to success in building a culture of sustainable Innovation. Yet these very traits are among the least frequently selected characteristics as being “in place today” (only 33 percent and 37 percent, respectively).

“Innovation is more critical to organizational success than at any time since the 1930s, and implementation and maintenance of a culture that fosters Innovation takes hard work,” said Robert Brands, founder of Innovation Coach. “The goal of the survey was to establish what key elements of the Innovation culture business leaders value most, identify which of these are already have in place and isolate those considered the most difficult to put into place and to maintain.”

According to Brands, cultural characteristics such as risk taking and accountability – especially in today’s uncertain environment — requires a willingness to fail, an investment in time, effort and capital with no guaranteed return on investment. It also requires leaders who can inspire teams to greatness, against daunting obstacles.

“Innovation takes guts, yet only the organizations that nurture and grow a culture of sustainable Innovation will succeed in the years ahead,” he said. is a portal site that offers the world’s organizational leaders with a wide range of tools needed to build cultures of sustainable Innovation. The latest trends, best practices and self-audits are available, as is customized consulting for private and public sector managers.
Results of the survey can be found at:

Brands & Company, LLC is a management-consulting firm. The firm, founded and headed up by Robert F. Brands, focuses on creating and sustaining innovation in business. Operating as “Innovation Coach” Brands is promoting a “Sustained Innovation Commitment” to deliver profitable growth, through which is committed to helping leaders create and sustain “NEW” in business.

Brands has over 25 years of hands-on experience in creating innovation. Having worked in new product development and marketing at Philips Lighting, Sylvania and the Kohler Company. Most recently, he served as Managing Director of the Personal Care Division of Rexam Plastics. Prior to Rexam and since 1998, Brands built (Rexam)Airspray N.V., now a worldwide leader in the design, manufacture and supply of innovative non-aerosol foam technology like instant foaming hand soap.