Online In-Depth Innovation Audit New Available Through Innovation Coach

As a result of the online interest to discover how well companies score with Innovation Imperatives on how to Create and Sustain Innovation, introduces the In-Depth Online Innovation Audit as a follow up to the existing short-audit.

The Online In-Depth Innovation Audit provides the opportunity for entrepreneurs and businesses to create a detailed ranking of how they score in key elements to make Innovation happen. Once the In-Depth questionnaire is completed, Robert Brands, Principal of Innovation Coach, will book an hour to discussion the findings at the surveyor’s convenience.

According to Brands, regardless of the size of a business and its area of specialization, Innovation is essential for the life and perpetuation of every company and organization. “While our short online survey helps us identify a general idea of where strengths and areas of improvement exist within a company, the extensive questionnaire helps pinpoint where innovation weaknesses might be present. It paints a very specific picture of the business, its elements, and how those elements come into play – helpful or hindering the potential for innovation.”

This extensive audit assesses the ten most important elements necessary in creating and most importantly sustaining innovation. The ten imperatives create a web-based chart which visually depicts where the company is succeeding and what areas need to be strengthened. Along with this audit — and at the convenience of the customer’s scheduling — Innovation Coach Robert Brands offers a personalized hour-long coaching session on innovation, including how to create, sustain and perpetuate innovation, and where improvements can be made within a business.

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