Logistics and AV Requirements for Robert Brands

Robert Brands is committed to making your event a success. He has given presentations to many audiences in diverse venues and understands your investment of time and money in your event. The following guidelines for setting up your event will ensure that your event experience is of the highest quality for all event participants.

AV Requirements

  • Please provide a wireless lavalier microphone, and make sure that your AV department has a back-up lavalier microphone and batteries on-hand and available for use at a moment’s notice.
  • Sound system –Robert requires a sound system for a video.
  • Robert will bring his own computer. He will need a screen, computer projection system and the
    cable to connect the computer to the projector.
  • The screen needs to be in such a place that it is easily visible for every participant, either at the
    front of the stage, or off to stage right or left so that Robert does not block the visual for the
    participants. The ideal would be higher than Robert’s head, and stage right.
  • A table for the computer and the projector
  • Access to an electrical outlet (110 v) for the computer and the projector
  • 30 – 60 minutes availability to the room for setting up and checking equipment the day prior to
    or the morning of the presentation.

Room Requirements

  • Podium: Robert wants to be able to walk around and use as much of the space in the
    room or the stage, so please do not have a podium.
  • Lighting: If possible, dim the area directly above the screen while keeping the rest of the house
    lights on maximum.
  • Flip Chart: Please provide a flip tablet on an easel and markers
  • Please have 2 glasses of water with NO ICE near the stage for the speaker.

Recording Devices
Audio and/or videotaping is available with PRIORWRITTEN AUTHORIZATION. If you’re interested in taping the presentation, please contact brooke@thekeynotegroup.com to complete a written authorization.

We are confident that by following these suggestions your event will run smoothly, and you will get the most possible out of the presentation of your speaker.

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