Innovation Coach Workshops
Fall 2015 Information and Registration
The Innovation Coach Workshop Series includes four individual workshops focused on improving an existing new product development process or implementing one for the first time. They are ideal for small to mid-size manufacturing companies who want to increase revenue and earnings from new products. Each workshop is stand-alone, but maximum benefit is achieved by taking all four. The workshops are offered in multiple formats, including:
Regional Workshops-Fall 2015
The workshops are being offered in multiple cities in 2o15 (see below). The cost is $795 per person, but discounts are available when signing up for multiple workshops. See brochures for further details.
Online Workshops
An alternative to the regional workshops is an online format. Typically each course is conducted in (3) 2-hour online modules that are scheduled weekly so that the entire course can be completed in approximately (3) weeks, but the dates and times can be customized to fit the attendee’s schedule. Contact New Product Visions for details and to discuss options.
Customized Onsite Workshop
A final alternative is that the workshops can be conducted onsite. This offers advantages as the course can be customized for a specific company and accommodate multiple attendees from the same company. Contact New Product Visions for details and to discuss options.
See the links below for workshop brochures and additional information:
If you have questions or would like to discuss the workshops in more detail, please contact Jeff Groh of New Product Visions at (302) 367-3160 or by email at
We look forward to your participation!