Deliver Innovation

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Once assessed against the 10 imperatives on how to create and sustain innovation and incremental or major improvements have been made or are underway it is time to deliver your next new product or service. Remember to approach innovation in an holistic or “total innovation” like way and look at innovation and especially ideation as…

Table Top Foamer

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The foaming hand soap, which the Airspray Table Top Foamer creates, was hailed by one of the early users as ‘the greatest innovation in the soap market since the advent of liquid soap’.

Open Innovation: Why mindset matters most

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Author: Stefan Lindegaard Date Published: May 2009 Many of you have brought up the subject of trust in our interactions on open innovation. I agree that trust is an essential component on open innovation. It also comes at many levels – internally as well as externally.

Dyson Rollerball

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Dyson says that its intriguing new sucker is the most manoeuvrable upright vacuum ever made. A ballsy claim…Dyson has revealed The Ball. This strange looking dirt-swallower rolls around on a big plastic ball, equipping the upright vacuum with some seriously slinky moves – it can whip round tight corners and snake through spaces with the…

Terrafugia, The Flying Car

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The start-up Terrafugia first popped up on our radar screens in early 2006 with a one-fifth scale model, $30,000 in prize money, and an urge to build a car that could fly. Or is that an airplane you can take on the highway? Some signs point strongly to the latter. Terrafugia describes its Transition vehicle…

Guy Kawasaki on Startup Innovation

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Guy Kawasaki, the Silicon Valley venture capitalist and former Apple Fellow, discusses his new startup, the “online magazine rack” Alltop. He also talks about the challenges that large corporations face when trying to think in fresh ways.

'Unthinkable' Business Strategies

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Joshua Cooper Ramo, managing director at Kissinger Associates and author of The Age of the Unthinkable, says businesses that think counterintuitively will succeed in the downturn

Harvard Business Review: Innovation

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