Observe and Measure – Fueling Continuous Improvement


Of the Ten imperatives of Robert’s Rules of Innovation, Observe and Measure is the step that fuels continuous improvement within your organization.  Without tangible metrics, innovation may not be recognized as successful or overlooked when failing.

These metrics allow your company to track your progress and success during each step of the process.  It is critical that your organization’s actions produce ongoing improvement.

Plan. Do. Check. Act.


In addition to metrics, many companies observe and measure their organization’s success with a number of intangible factors.  Stefan Lindegaard, of 15inno.com reminds us that many business metrics are not black and white and are often subject to fast changes:

“We also need to remind ourselves that innovation has lots of unknowns and intangibles and you cannot afford to lose the needed flexibility in order to meet some specific metric parameters.”

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