Walking on the Edge with Innovation

Innovation thrives on a diet of news ideas. It needs new views, fresh thinking; a different perspective from across the organization, from the center to the edge.

Walking on the edge

According to John Hagel and John Seely Brown for the Aspen Institute Roundtable Discussion in 2012, the place where innovation is most likely to flourish is not at the core of an organization but at the edge “where the weight of inertia is less inhibiting and where disruptive initiatives are more likely to be tolerated”.  Edges are described as peripheral areas where growth has the highest potential. They can also be the riskiest.

By contrast, the “core” of an organization or market is where the money and resources are located. The core is also the most resistant to change. The core makes up the central or essential part of a company, market, or industry.

In order to foster initiative and innovation, ask yourself these questions.

  • Do you allow free research and development (R&D) time?
  • Do you invest in innovation: money, people, and resources?
  • Do you celebrate failure and risk taking?
  • Are you willing to bring the core of your business to the edge?

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