Net Result, Net Reward: Engineering Sustainability


“Engineering Innovation” from The Henry Samueli School of Engineering

How does your company engineer sustainability?

  1. Do you track new product sales objectives?
  2. Is your NPD pipeline as robust as you’d like it to be?
  3. Do you reward people who contribute good ideas to your organization?
  4. Do you have a reward system in place for creativity?
  5. Do you recognize staff for creativity and accomplishments in your NPD?

When all is said and done, innovation is about ROI derived from the transformation of ideas into money. Net Result and Reward is about motivating your people with the right incentives and generating workplace engagement. Once you have sorted your campaign logistics and established a solid marketing plan, you should focus on incentives for employees.  Incentives play an important role in motivating employees to create short term excitement as well as engineering a long-term, sustained innovation culture.

 Why do innovation efforts fail? Many of the key reasons for derailed innovation programs tie back to culture, and to people related issues.

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