RECAP: Innovation(3) Cubed Crowdsourcing, Culture and Tools Summit

Dec 9-10

Highlights and Key learning from the Innovation Cubed Conference

Creation of Innovation Community is key to keep enthusiasm, communicate and maximize ideation input and efficiency.

Many “Best Practice” presenters had the following elements in common:

–          Vision, Mission, Strategy, Resources, Measurements, Reward

–          Prepare, Promote, Participate, Identify, Extract, Explore

–          Wisdom of the crowds

o   Crowds need to be diverse, Independent and decentralized,

–          Open Environment of knowledge sharing and ideation

–          Easy submission of ideas (many, easy, living Dbase. Ideahopper)

–          Quick voting to see if Idea had merit

o   Voting with points , stock or currency (limited supply)

–          Quick rising to select and proceed

–          Build/create thread

–          Filter through Voting and Discussion Forums

o   Added TIX Thinktank Idea Exchange (Motorola), combining ideas

–          Training Key

–          Community & Engagement : Communicate, Communicate

–          Reward system

o   Incentivize: three “R” Rewards Recognition Recreation

Other Learning:

-Key to understand innovation ecosystem

-Making sure to linking performance system

-Apply focus vs challenge too broad

-Second deals or cooperation, take half the time, double the value. (P&G)

-Combine Virtual and physical Networking, beyond the usual suspects

-Internal Open Innovation before attempting external

-Include voice of the customer

– Innovate to collaborate, collaborate to Innovate (Cisco)

– Make sure innovation is transparent and truthful, if agenda is perceived to be set the initiative will fail.

– Innovation Success and Failure is a question of timing

-Prepare, Promote, Participate, Identify, Extract, Explore

– Mindset, Infrastructure, Outreach, Communications, Trust, Leadership

Key Takeways

  • Inclusion and Diversity key
  • Use Collaboration Technologies
  • Losing is as important as winning
  • Open and transparent process
  • Connect, communicate and collaborate

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