Innovation(3) Crowdsourcing, Culture and Tools Summit


Crowdsourcing, Culture and Tools Summit

Doubletree ,Orlando, FL

Part 1, Day 1 Dec. 9

Imperatives to Create Sustainable Innovation: From Inspiration to Net Reward

Robert Brands ( )

Explored and shared the Barriers, Requirements and Ten Imperatives to Create and Sustain Innovation based on “Robert’s Rules of Innovation” (Wiley)

Nice opener letting attendees participate and discuss requirements creating “Robert’s Rules of Innovation” in reverse before sharing.

Building Culture of Innovation  (Kelli Shuter MWH Global)

MWH focuses on innovation and value to Customers.

Innovation at all levels

Challenges: Speed, Resources, Silos, Ops Boundaries, Influence

First Define Innovation! Define Frame work, Fill the gaps

New Ideas to create Value. Six building blocks:

Ideation, Production, Distribution, Community & Engagement, Reward & Recognition and Measurement

Key to address what’s in it for me

Funding /Resources and Tool for support

Intranet tool supporting 6 building blocks

IdeaHub Idea Management system, Post, Vote, Talk about, See -go forward

Visibility, Access and Communications are key for sustaining innovation communities: Who else should know

Organizational network analysis

Innovation Mandate


-Not fully understand innovation ecosystem

-Not linking performance system

-Challenge too broad

-Not making strong enough ties to KM organization

Idea Jams: Using Company Wide Events to Drive Employee Participation and Collaboration (John Johnson Pepsico)

Innovation through Community; Communities Types: Flash hours, Jam 3-5 days, Contest 1 week to 3 months, Always Open 24/7/365

72 hours, Grassroots, walking the talk and Mobilize

“Drink your own Champaign” beta test yourself

Pre, Event, post elements, like any optimal ideation event

Prepare, Promote, Participate, Identify, Extract, Explore

Ideation preparation is key

Convert interested Individuals into Active participants…communication is key

Challenge Brief; Focus and Clear, ideation tools

Allow broad unintended idea to be captured

Drive participation with Rewards, Best off…. Top overall idea, Top voter, most active, I Club member…reward involvement

Ranking & Game Mechanics, star voting, Posts, Veto…

Key to success rests on qualified judging panel

Extract most promising and reward

Voting by Peers to proceed

Making ideas actionable

Innovation cycle at pepsico: Identify, Ideate, Prototype, Incubate, Build/Launch, Leverage back to Identify

Knock out Criteria, Threshold Criteria

Voting Panels create agreed upon parameters by idea…best way

Utilizing Human Resources and a Lean Continuous Improvement Process to Build and Cultivate an Innovation Culture (Mike Riegsecker)

Cultural journey to deliver profitable growth through innovation: Path to Innovation Culture :Strategy-Engage HR-Invest Time & Resources-Results

Champion HR Manager…

Innovation is like chasing white bunny rabbits, key is process and calendar planning

Many Lean Innovation initiatives

Kaizen innovation events

Results, Created new mfgr process, Innovative sales models, new financial models etc.

This PM:

Motorola’s Think Tank Idea Exchange

Turning Open Innovation into Business Results

Krft on Innovating How we Innovate

Using the Allience Framework to Develop High Quality Collaborative Relationships

Efficiently Integrating New Tools to facilitate an Innovation network

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