Innovation(3) Crowdsourcing, Culture and Tools Summit Part 3


Crowdsourcing, Culture and Tools Summit

Doubletree ,Orlando, FL

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Part 3, Day 2 Dec. 10

Sprint on Team Building in Non Traditional Environment for Innovation

(Jack Jennings, Sprint)

Organizational Development (OD) key in team effectiveness.

Optimal Creating flexible Workforce with Knowledge workers

Trust is key, Survey top ten reasons you work besides paycheck

Building Trust in Open Innovation Network (Stefan Lindegaard,

Shared 6 Observations on Relationships:

Mindset, Infrastructure, Outreach, Communications, Trust, Leadership

Trust happens between people not companies

Use of Townhall meetings at GenMills, compliment open web form called

Network events within companies

P&G eager to continuously improve, second deals cooperation, take half the time double the value.

Intuit Collaboration: Combine Virtual and physical Networking, beyond the usual suspects

Entrepreneur day, successful networking event, 62 companies, within 48 hours forward or not

Social Media: Branding Innovation capabilities

Use Twitter, Yammer.

Equifax: Moving From Internal Idea Jams to Creating a Customer Culture of Innovation (Chris Colson )

Challenges, commodity data, ways to grow. Innovation delivers 10%+ growth.

Focus on both incremental and breakthrough.

Started with internal OI first.

Success Factors, led by CEO, define, establish, follow disciplined systematic Innovation process. Define program/project structure inc toll gates. Focus on customer needs, set goals metrics, measure and adjust.

Matrix from Internal Open Innovation to External OI

Innovation Sources: Employees, Customers, Marketplace, but need processes defined. Quick feedback is key.

Idea selection, make sure you can have dialogue.

Making sure you have resources when launching ideation event.

Equifax Stage gate: Good idea/Worth it/Plan it/Build it…Launch

Voice of Customer Ecosystem: Advisory Council , mktg events, customer forums, competitive assessment etc.

Structure: Core team, Extended Team and Virtual teams….

Open Innovation is reshaping Equifax and how they interact with customers

Cisco I-Prize Program: Using Correctly Worded “Challenges” with Competitive Rewards to Encourage Outside Innovators to Dedicate Their Time to Your Needs. (Mercedes Maglin Cisco Systems)

Cisco Innovate to collaborate, collaborate to Innovate

I-Price , it’s all about people, human capital

Make sure innovation is transparent and truthful, if agenda is perceived to be set the initiative will fail.

Innovation Success and Failure is a question of timing

Emerging Technologies Group: Steady stream of new products with Billion dollar potential.

Innovation Framework: Find, Filter, Initiate, Accelerate, Graduate, Eliminate

I-Price, Launch January, Submit through 4/30 $250K reward. 839 submissions, 3000 participants, 33 semi finalist, 9 teams , winners June 29…Live Connected Concept

Opportunity in multiple language. Cisco used their offering to enable the collaboration.

Video is growing, important tool to use. Webcast series created.

Maximized use of Social media exchange.

Used Ideation Platform by Spigit

Key Takeways

  • Inclusion and Diversity key
  • Use Collaboration Technologies
  • Losing is as important as winning
  • Open and transparent process
  • Connect, communicate and collaborate

From Modularity to Open Innovation (Todd Boone, Psion Teklogix)

Innovation tied to Strategic planning

Innovation essential due to commoditization

Longterm differentiation sought:

Leverage Strength, Modularity and Customization

Differentiation : Unique Modular Platforms…Simplified Operations

Key adaptability over time

Modularity is incomplete…

Differentiation: Enable Customization…

Differentiation 3: Openness and Web 2.0, collaborative platform

Market insight, with outcomes

Grand Recap with Highlights of all speakers to follow in the coming days.

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