Innovation(3) Crowdsourcing, Culture and Tools Summit Part 2


Crowdsourcing, Culture and Tools Summit

Doubletree ,Orlando, FL

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Part 2, Day 1 Dec. 9

Motorola’s Think Tank Idea Exchange: Leveraging the Power of Decision Markets to identify Valuable Ideas (Rami Levy, Motorola Open Source)

Wisdom of the Crowd…

Every new idea is constructed upon existing ideas… (like Shakespeare)

Pre 2007- Idea- ThinkTank-Idea queues-> Value

17,000 idea’s today…100 idea’s a month

Filter through Voting and Discussion Forums

Added TIX Thinktank Idea Exchange, combining ideas

Collective Intelligence Markets: Predictive :News, Political, Misc. sources or Decision Markets

Crowds need to be diverse, Independent and decentralized,

Markets need to aggregate results and have incentives

Ideas are approached as Stock, 5 votes and becomes stock, 30 day window

Incentivize: three “R” Rewards Recognition Recreation

Recognition of top traders, originators, promoters

“Keep Market fresh” periodically add ideas

Social interactive tools used

Voting participation and discussions are growing

17K Prioritized ideas , 5 or more vote 900, vote winners 140 (8%)…

Before Tix 180 days , now 89…

-Openness key to success

-Decision Markets help prioritize

-TIX to use crows to decide

Trading took a while to be accepted, play money

Turning Open Innovation into Business Results (Steve Hoover, Xerox)

To get scale in idea funnel…

Go beyond transactional view

Don’t forget Open Innovation Inside

Consider multiple models

Open up the black box

Innovation requires change

Innovation Framework, what and how you innovate

Transactional vs Strategic

Ideally towards ecosystem design, growth and sustenance vs Traditional product development

Involve and incentivize customers

Two Initiatives: CrossThink : Idea gathering and selection tool. Discuss, review, build. Idea Selection process key, involve associates, not just management

Focus, Targeted area, limited time…

Gold mining, prospecting vs farming

XTIN, Xerox Technology Incubation Network: Like minded interest, connect and build. Small budget, “angel investment like”, mile stone driven

Open Xerox Web Portal

How scale: look for Complementary Assets

Looking for Mega trend analysis: globalization, technology, environment etc.

Early and deep customer understanding, when was the last time you tried your product or service?

Dreaming with your customers…

Opening the Black Box: Open Innovation needs to look at the ten types of innovation

PARC as agent of Open Innovation

Innovation means change…

Acquisition as Open Innovation, expansion into services business, ACS Xerox’s service provider.

Delivering smarter business processes

Kraft on Innovating : The How we Innovate (Steve Goers, Kraft)

World’s #2 Food co., 11 billion dollar Brands, 5% growth challenge

Innovation is the fuel to drive growth.

Global development challenge. Mission Critical: Need leading edge Innovation capabilities: Innovation-enabling Competencies -3:

-Knowledge Management

-Open Innovation, leverage what other’s know

-IP management

The Inventing Delicious Framework and Toolbox , What and How

Corp/Buss Unit Strategy, Techn Challenge/Needs

Intel gathering, What do we know, what do others know…

IP Strategy. Development

Key questions by step…

Framework enabler/derailer:

-Time: Need for speed

-Access, User friendly tools

-Value Add, recognize value

Clear benefits of best practices; Increase Innovation capacity

Kraft has great knowledge management system (sharepoint ) plus global R&D suite

Using BrightIdea Cooking up new Idea’s

Monthly success story sharing

Lots of training.

Hub and Spoke in OI :

Hub :Tools, Process, Culture.

Spoke: Scout, Content, Collaborate

The wheel different product groups are now sharing and communicating

Key learning:

Addressing culture and behavior change #1 priority

Build capabilities

Tools user friendly/intuitive

Share case studies

Get buy in…

Using the Alliance Framework to Develop High Quality Collaborative Relationships (Gene Slowinski, Rutgers U.)

Growth is what it is all about, Tool =Open Innovation

Lipton tea case study. Compete with Snapple, need distribution/bottlers…alliance with Pepsi , cost capital zero, access to distribution instant.

OI Model

Want Find Get Manage Model:

What ext resources do we need to succeed in our mission

Find: What mechanisms will we use to find these resources

Get: What Process use to negotiate agreement

Manage : What Tools to measure/manage

The Alliance Framework: do things quick, win win, commitment from all stakeholders

Alliance fail due to none alliance

Consider Alliance Framework elements, above and below the line

Rights to use matrix Tool

Look for Reinventing Corp Growth

Efficiently Integrating New Tools to facilitate an Innovation network (Mary Lou Tierney The Mitre Corp)

Holistic approach to Innovation

Think broadly about Innovation management

Used BrightIdea and Spigit, cross firewall challenges

Idea collection and participation< great thread depth

Broad and deep participation

Dont measure transactional data

Launch of 5 month process, knowledge management process, metrics and analytics.

Ideas, submitted, threads created, and voted

Lessons Learned: Communicate, Communicate


Process ripe for change

Use of visual triggers that are familiar, internal as well as external

Looking at Innovation Tournaments

Please focus on idea gathering vs selection process