Innovation Speaker Robert Brands Provides Invaluable Information to Companies

Innovation is the lifeblood of every company’s survival. Robert Brands has over twenty years of experience applying innovation techniques in executive positions at companies like Rexam Plastics, Airspray and Kohler. As President and founder of, Robert Brands, innovation speaker, helps business leaders “deliver profitable growth through sustained Innovation”. Through his company, Robert Brands provides consulting and is available for speaking engagements to companies, promoting Innovation based on his book Robert’s Rules of Innovation: A 10-Step Program for Corporate Survival (Wiley, March 2010).

As a subject expert on innovation techniques, Robert Brands delivers powerful speaking engagements on topics such as “Innovate to Thrive” and “Results Driven Innovation”. In these presentations, he shares the secrets of his 10 Rules of Innovation. The techniques are designed to help companies stay ahead of the competition and continually find ways to improve with each year. Innovation speaker Robert Brands will take you through the four areas that require constant innovation in a company, from Finance and Process to Offering and Delivery. He will share invaluable information from his first-hand experience applying innovation to companies, as well as real world examples of how other companies have used innovation to thrive.

Robert Brands conducts speaking engagements for companies, events and conventions around the world. Click here for a calendar of events in which Robert Brands will be a keynote speaker. If you would like find out how to increase profitability for your company, request Robert Brands as a speaker on innovation for your company event. Click here to book Robert for your company.