Is there a valid answer about what innovation management is and how it operates? Is there a particular concept that can be applied to any organization, any kind of process and or perhaps to any family of products?

My question today is what are you thinking about what idea or associate when you hear the word “innovation management“? In general, we understand that innovation is the improvement of a process.

But it is not clear, for most people who drive business, where innovation is something different from the research and development, and, worse, cost a lot to make people critically review the game words R & D (Research, Development and Innovation) to complete speeches created politically correct but very complex application in the real economy of micro and small business.

Structures and paradigms that have been useful for innovation management within the small, medium and large private organizations and government agencies are suffering-for better or worse-a dramatic impact as a result of abrupt change in global economic .. What is innovation management?

Innovation management is a systematic process that is use by organizations to develop new and improved products, business processes and services in general. Creative ideas are put together by employees of any organization and tide them up to create new profitable ideas to the market place in a quickly and efficiently way. To get more information about innovation management visit Innovation Coach.