Creativity and Innovation: The ASTD Trainer's Sourcebook

Author: Elaine Biech
Date Published: 03/01/1996

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Description: Everything you need to conduct creativity training–in a day or less Training Magazine recently reported that fully 44% of firms surveyed provide creativity training. Now you can conduct your own transformational full-day, half-day, or one-hour creativity-building workshops with Creativity and Innovation: The ASTD Trainer’s Sourcebook, by Elaine Biech. Packed with fully reproducible facilitator notes, training designs, participant handouts, activites, instruments, flipcharts, overheads–the works–this powerfully affordable resource gives you a total toolchest or surveying your organization’s creative climate and needs, sparking fresh thinking and ideas, encouraging brainstorming and risk taking, spotting and banishing “creativity killing” attitudes, embracing the productive 5 Rs of creativity, and much, much more.