America's Corporate Brain Drain

Author: Babs Ryan
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Description: America’s Corporate Brain Drain is in your face — it rattles your cage and makes you chuckle, sneer, snicker, disagree, argue, answer the survey, be outraged, and knowingly smile. Armed with facts, case studies, interviews, and personal accounts from corporate deserters and left-behinds (still stuck there), Brain Drain discloses how the Fortune 500 are dealing (poorly) with the exodus of leaders, such as paying for all employees to attend training courses on ‘dealing with difficult people’ rather than just firing the difficult people. –Publishers Marketplace

Never one to hold back, author Babs Ryan, an international business expert and innovator, has bad news for America’s big corporations. They are losing their creative and innovative top talent. Case after case, industry by industry, from CEOs to line managers, in America’s Corporate Brain Drain Ryan looks at and deconstructs the large American corporation, carefully describing how it shuns innovation and creativity, and is quite competent in its self destructive behavior including the uncanny ability to reward exactly the wrong people. Where is innovation and creation happening? According to Ryan, these are characteristic of small business and start ups formed by the capable, but fed up people leaving the mega corporations. Small business thrives on providing their customers products and services that meet and exceed the customers’ expectations and desires. This book is not for the sensitive. It confronts the comfortable in favor of what really works. Many will find this book and its ideas an ego challenge and hard to accept. Do yourself and your organization a favor. Read it. –Gary Lemon, GLB Consulting

Ryan challenges the world one idea at a time. The controversial book America’s Corporate Brain Drain is an in-depth look at why the best people leave corporations, where they go, and how to reverse the flow. As one of the escapees from big business, Ryan uses her supercharged attitude to push the creative envelope. With the stamps of 72 countries in her passport and more than two decades of national and international corporate work under her belt, this outspoken Massachusetts native shaped strategic campaigns in unique ways for dozens of companies, among them AT&T, American Express, Blockbuster, Ford Motor Co. and Procter & Gamble. –Thunderbird Magazine

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