Innovation is Creativity x Risk Taking

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Innovation is impossible to achieve without taking a necessary amount of risk. In a world where the success rate of new product entries in the grocery business is 1 in 100, it is inevitable that every success sees failures along the way. An effective innovation leader should encourage creativity and risk taking, while also practicing…

Let's Bring Back Accountability

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From customers’ and suppliers’ viewpoint, Company X is fast growing, exciting, and high-energy. Inside, though, it’s a tornado. Fighting fires, arguing over who committed to what, why it didn’t happen, and noticing things that fell through the cracks in just enough time is normal. How can this happen when they have weekly departmental meetings, keep…

Can Innovation Be a Structured Repeatable Process?

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When Innovation comes to mind, the first thing people may think of is creativity, spontaneity, or a momentary stroke of genius. But can innovation occur out of a structured, repeatable process? The answer, in short, is yes. In fact, in order to build a long-term culture of sustained innovation, a structured process must be put…

New Intellectual Property Exchange Streamlines Patent Trading

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In the research and development industry where innovations build on top of other innovations, obtaining patents to protect intellectual property is of the utmost importance. It is critical to ensure that patents being are utilized, especially within big corporations like IBM or organizations like the Unites States Navy. Not only do patents protect newly developed…

Innovation Workshops : Eight key pitfalls to avoid


Is your organization about to run a design or innovation workshop? If so, what follows are cautionary tips and lessons learned collected from my experiences both as a participant in and a leader of various flavors of innovation and ideation workshops, in the States as well as various European countries.

Innovation and the Individual


Although we need teams to make things happen, innovation can occur on an individual basis. For an individual to create innovation, he or she must think creatively and understand the market as well as consumer wants and needs. An example of this took place during my early hands-on innovation days as marketing manager at Sylvania…

What Do Innovators Have in Common?


In the Innovator’s DNA we discussed whether innovators are born or made. Research has shown that creativity is not a genetic predisposition but a result of a pattern of behaviors – so it can be concluded that all innovators must share a certain set of characteristics that have lead them to success. While innovators speak different…

Innovation: 3M’s lessons to be learned


While Apple is often the most highly touted company for its innovation success, 3M is a global innovation company that has remained under the radar for its long-term innovation plans and succeses. With $30 billion in sales and products sold in nearly 200 countries, 3M has made significant contributions to the health care, communications and…

Five Questions to Ask Before Mapping Out an Innovation Plan


There are plenty of reasons to innovate. Especially now more than ever before, sustained innovation is the means to developing marketplace showstoppers that lead to profitable growth. Innovation is not a luxury that can be placed on the back burner, even for today’s successful companies. So before beginning your next innovation effort, here are some…

Tax Innovation: The Path to Long-Term Prosperity


By Robert Brands and Martin Kleinman We Americans need to wake up – now – and stop acting like spoiled, immature children.  Elected officials need to put aside partisanship – now – and do what’s in the best interest of our country and speak the truth to the electorate.  And we all must do this…

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