Innovation and How to Harness the Creative Mindset

July 26, 2011

Every organization has a diverse group of personalities that respond differently to particular management styles. The creatives of an organization are often the group that stands out and may be misunderstood. How are creatives perceived in your company? What is the nature of the creative type, and how can they best be managed for the purposes of achieving Innovation? First, let’s describe what creatives are like. Highly charged creative types may act out or resist when they feel restricted by the confinement... Read more »

Defeating Devil’s Advocates to Become an Innovation Champion

July 12, 2011

In an organization, it’s human nature to resist change and to stick with the status quo that’s often more comfortable and safe. Some of your teammates in your company may be devil’s advocates who claim they want what’s best for the business while they oppose initiatives for Innovation. As a leader and innovator-in-chief of your company, it is critical to drive the culture of Innovation throughout the organization even in the face of opposition. To defeat devil’s advocates, first you must examine... Read more »