Jump Start the Idea Process for Maximum Efficiency

June 28, 2011

Innovation begins with just one great idea – built upon, tested, retested and executed with care. It can take thousands of ideas, over the course of weeks, months or even years to reach that one great idea that will bring Innovation and profitable growth to a company. The goal of successful innovation is to get to those monumental moments quicker and more often in order to stay ahead of your competition. That innovation effort is only possible through Idea Management – by holding ideation sessions... Read more »

Greenwashing: Electric Cars and Innovation Stalled

June 14, 2011

Electric cars seem like the socially conscious, feel-good investment among environmentally friendly consumers. In corporate boardrooms, the innovation seemed well liked indeed. What’s not to like? Cars like the Nissan Leaf and Chevrolet Volt reportedly can drive for a day or more on a full electric charge. The Toyota Prius reduces a tank full of exhaust to the whir of a hybrid electric/ gas engine. The numbers are astonishing. The Nissan Leaf is considered the most fuel efficient vehicle in the U.S.,... Read more »

$4 Per Gallon Gas = Energy Innovation

June 7, 2011

Long lines at the gas pump weren’t the only product of the twin energy crises of the 1970s. A legislative push toward energy conservation and innovation were also born as a result. And that’s why one expert believes the skyrocketing price of oil will do the same in 2011. “History has proven that innovation in the energy industry has almost always been driven by high consumer prices,” said Robert Brands, a veteran corporate executive who now consults with companies worldwide and author of Robert’s... Read more »