Keep the Idea Highway Open to All

May 31, 2011

Innovation advances your company towards the future – generating new products or services, boosting profits and increasing stakeholder value. To develop Innovation, the first step is to Inspire and Initiate your organization’s members. Innovation leaders need to provide the right support, both material and emotional, to stimulate new product development (NPD). What are effective methods of inspiring innovation? For starters, keep the idea highway open to all. Good ideas can come from anywhere within... Read more »

The Right Rewards: Business Beyond Bonuses

May 17, 2011

What is the ultimate purpose of Innovation in a business? The end goal is Return On Investment (ROI) for all Stakeholders. After all, the objective of the New Product Development process is to turn ideas into money. ROI comes in the form of increased shareholder value, new products and new features – everyone wins, including your employees, your customers and your stakeholders. So to move your company forward and stimulate profitable growth, it’s important to give every member of your organization the... Read more »

How to Measure Innovation

May 3, 2011

No matter if it’s a test score, sports game result or a sales figure, what we measure is what goes down in history. After all, “what’s measured is treasured.” It’s human nature to look back at past results as a basis for comparison and for improvement in the future. For this reason, it is absolutely essential to carefully observe and measure performance in the New Product Development process. In each of the different stages of the process, keep track of how much time is being... Read more »