Is your Idea pipeline being filled and maintained?

November 29, 2010

If even 1% of new ideas succeed, it can lead to a huge payoff. A steady stream of ideas is what fuels Innovation, so one of Robert’s Rules of Innovation imperatives is Ideation, or the idea management processes. On any new product development team, it is up to the leader to facilitate ideation sessions that produce a regular supply of new ideas. In order for these ideation sessions to be as effective as possible, it’s valuable to include members such as the sales team, people who interact directly... Read more »

Innovate To Thrive!

November 22, 2010

IdeaConnection Interview with Robert F. Brands, author of Robert’s Rules of Innovation November 14, 2010. By Vern Burkhardt “And the basis of this successful innovation? A natural curiosity, open-mindedness, an ability to see the big picture – combined with hard-headed business acumen.” Robert’s Rules of Innovation, page 39 Vern Burkhardt (VB): You say, “Innovate or die…” It’s that serious a matter for companies, large and small? Robert F. Brands: Absolutely.... Read more »

Innovation Requires Risk Taking

November 15, 2010

“If you’ve never failed… you’ve never lived” is a popular video on YouTube describing the failures of people like Thomas Edison, once called “too stupid to learn” by his teacher and Walt Disney, who was fired from a newspaper for “lacking imagination”. Not every idea succeeds, and indeed, some of America’s most triumphant inventors, artists and entrepreneurs have most likely failed at some point in their lives. But without risk and... Read more »

FRAUD, INNOVATION and societal cost of business gone bad

November 8, 2010

Bernard Madoff’s and Scott Rothstein’s Ponzi schemes. Medicaid / Medicare scams. School board officials who sell their votes for cash. Mortgage fraud, foreclosure “robo-signers” and short-sales wrought with misdeeds. From Wall Street to Main Street to Washington – and the headline news, very smart, innovative people are gaining prominence nationwide for fraud. Investment scandals, Ponzi schemes and rip-offs in all forms seem epidemic. They capture our attention. We express outrage.... Read more »

The Real Recipe for Innovation

November 2, 2010

By Holly G. Green When I talk to business leaders, I always ask about the most difficult challenges they face day in and day out.  Increasingly, I’m hearing about how hard it is to innovate on a consistent basis. This anecdotal evidence is now being supported by a recent McKinsey Global Survey that polled more than 2,200 senior executives around the globe on the challenges of managing innovation. Eighty-four percent of the executives who responded said they consider innovation to be very or extremely... Read more »