Innoveer of failleer!

June 30, 2010

AMSTERDAM –  Cassettebandjes, beeldbuizen, floppydisks: ze veroverden de wereld, maar zijn ook weer razendsnel uit het dagelijks leven verdwenen. Elk product en elke dienst zal, na een eerste succes, onherroepelijk wegzakken. Alleen door nieuwe activiteiten te blijven ontwikkelen, wordt een bedrijf toekomstbestendig en kan het duurzaam groeien. “Als je niet innoveert, sterft je bedrijf uiteindelijk.”   Maar hoe innoveer je succesvol? “Door elke afdeling, iedere medewerker, tot in... Read more »

E-FACTOR Radio & Small Biz America Interview

June 23, 2010

Listen to Interview with Small Biz America Host David Wolf and Host of e.factor Radio with Robert Brands on Innovation, the importance and Robert’s Rules of Innovation. Click Here To Listen  Read More →

Fostering Creativity with Structure

June 20, 2010

Creativity in the form of fresh ideas, whether from executives, salespeople or customers, is an invaluable resource to any organization. But these ideas need guidance and structure in order to achieve the key goal of Innovation: profitable growth. To successfully channel ideas into a profitable result, it is necessary to establish a formalized New Product Development Process, from concept to launch. The New Product Development process is often referred to as The Stage-Gate innovation process, developed by... Read more »

Join Barbra Alexander & Robert Brands on the next MoneyDots™

June 18, 2010

Join Barbra Alexander & Robert Brands on the next MoneyDots™ Saturday, June 19th at 8:00 AM (PST) on Newstalk KION 1460 AM or live streaming at  Read More →

Ownership: Are You Taking Responsibility?

June 13, 2010

In order to achieve Innovation, a champion within an organization must take Ownership – one of Robert’s Rules of Innovation imperatives.  The champion, whether an officer or executive manager within the company, has the responsibility of convincing others to work outside their comfort zone, even if they are resistant to change. To take Ownership, the champion, ideally somebody that is passionate about the initiative,  must first take responsibility of the project tasks and decisions, form the... Read more »

Gillette, Shaving and the Challenge of Innovation

June 8, 2010

Think your company must innovate to stay ahead of the competition? Imagine being a product manager at Gillette. Beset by competitive forces from all sides, whether it’s rival manufacturers looking for an edge or fickle consumers looking for the next best shave, the Procter & Gamble subsidiary is forced to innovate – or go dull. In its mandate to “innovate or perish,” the company this month introduces the Fusion ProGlide. The new, multi-blade razor features seven new “innovations.”... Read more »

Are You Listening? Innovative Companies Hear What Others Tell Them

June 1, 2010

Does your company have a customer hotline? Does it have a suggestion box at retail? Does it have a Contact Us link or form on its Website, or a Comments link on its blog? Has it set up a Facebook Fan Page or a Twitter account? Do sales people listen when they talk to customers? Are customer service reps or staff behind the register told to solicit feedback? More importantly, are you listening? Are you mining comments, messages and posts submitted? Beyond acting on complaint or suggestions regarding service... Read more »