Invitation to participate

January 28, 2010

Successful innovation comes when a holistic or “Total Innovation” approach is applied. Often individual imperatives are missing or in place but lack or miss others. What are your barriers to Innovation, what is missing, lacking or weakest area? Click to participate:  Read More →

Observe & Measure: When Validating Innovation, ‘What’s Measured Is Treasured’

January 25, 2010

Innovation may be vital to creating competitive advantage. But how costly is ineffective innovation? That is, if a company sets out on a new product or service development initiative – and that effort fails along the way for whatever reason – what has been lost? Investments in time, effort, capital – even reputation? What if the company set in place a practice of observing and measuring innovation at select or pre-set milestones along the way? Roadblocks, sticking points or issue that otherwise might... Read more »

Value Creation: The Ultimate Goal of Innovation

January 19, 2010

Why innovate? Some would argue that companies innovate to achieve a heightened competitive advantage, streamline the organization, or create intellectual property – including patents, trademarks and other protected property – that create value in the portfolio. Many reason and rationales can be argued for the pursuit of innovation. Yet no purpose for or result from innovation can be more compelling than Value Creation. This metric is the ultimate measure of return on investment when measuring innovation’s... Read more »

‘Is This Yours?’ In The Innovation Process, The Answer Defines Ownership

January 13, 2010

“Excuse me, is this yours?” If someone asked members of your Innovation Team about “ownership” of a current initiative, would individuals reply, “Yes”? Or would the people involved point to the team leader, the CEO or someone else – someone other than themselves? Would they reply, “No, that’s his”? I spoke recently with a CEO of a consumer products company who expressed disappointment that an idea for an exciting new wrinkle in sunglasses technology had faltered. In doing so, others... Read more »

Business Week Column: Innovation Made Incarnate

January 12, 2010

Much of Apple’s success relies on the inspiration CEO Steve Jobs has fostered in employees. Here are seven steps to turn inspiration into innovation By Robert Brands See: www./innovation When Apple (AAPL) unveils its iSlate in late January, the tablet computer will be just the latest wowing of the world by the pioneering computer company. With its iPhone, iPod, and MacBook laptops, plus the original Macintosh computer itself (and the “1984” TV commercial that pitched it), Apple’s... Read more »

The Year in Innovation

January 11, 2010

The innovation industry took a hit this year, as executives dialed back on initiatives—and paid the price. But some encouraging trends also emerged. In 2009 the world was no longer flat; much of it was flat broke. Deflated by slumping sales and income, companies roundly did what innovation consultants say they never should—they cut spending on research and development. The U.S. drug industry, historically one of the most lavish spenders on research and development, announced the elimination of a record... Read more »

Innovation: Training & Coaching, Business Overlooked Imperative

January 5, 2010

Smart companies often pride themselves on training programs that introduce or enhance employees’ knowledge of corporate business practices. They promote mentoring initiatives that pair seasoned execs with rising talent. They create booklets or PDFs on corporate policy – and implore staff to read them. But introduce a business innovation initiative, and those involved are expected to just know how things are done. They’re supposed to possess some innate awareness of the concepts, the best practices, the... Read more »