Experimentation + Risk (+ Failure) = Improved Environment for Innovation

October 19, 2009

Thomas Alva Edison was a failure. It has been said that he “went back to the drawing board” more than 6,000 times before finding the right plant to produce a carbonized filament for his incandescent light bulb. Six thousand times. Do you have that kind of innovative stamina? It’s been said that Risk + Experimentation (+ Failure) = Improved Environment for Innovation. Put another way, Innovation = Creativity x Risk Taking. Innovation is an experiment of sorts. It requires a culture of risk, opportunity... Read more »

Accountability: The Rudder of Innovation in a Changing Business Environment

October 5, 2009

As companies and organizations pursue innovation to transform themselves from what they currently are or offer, to what they want to become or provide the marketplace, accountability is the rudder that steers pursuits and prevents a wandering, directionless ship. Wikipedia defines “Accountability” as part responsibility and answerability, liability and enforcement, blameworthiness and consequences. “Accountability is defined as ‘A is accountable to B when A is obliged to inform B about... Read more »