Braden Kelley: Blogging Innovation

August 25, 2009

A leading innovation and marketing blog from Braden Kelley of Business Strategy Innovation.  Read More →

The government must promote innovation

August 13, 2009

Why innovation is important for governments? The public administration program increasingly creates agendas, organizes conferences, and provides grants and awards based on innovation.Until now,innovations were related, discussed and dealt mainly from the viewpoint of entrepreneurs or innovative firms,but increasingly, the policy of innovation is an emerging discipline that many governments already include in their future plans. As an example, United States President Obama has dedicated part of the budget toward... Read more »

Technology and Technology changes

August 12, 2009

What are the types of technology changes? There are three types of trends and conditions — technology diffusion and disruptive technologies, the information age,and increasing knowledge intensity — through which technology is significantly altering the nature of competition and in doing so, is contributing to unstable competitive environments. Technology diffusion is the rate at which new products become available and are used. For example, when consumers switched to computers or other types... Read more »

August 4, 2009

Obama: Innovation key to improving the United States Economy The president of the United States, Barack Obama stated Saturday that the future economic prosperity depends on building a strong new foundation, and recapturing the “spirit of innovation.” Innovation has been crucial to our prosperity and will be important to our prosperity in the future,” Obama said in his weekly radio address, transmitted by the internet. taken over the past six months and have helped the stem of recession. The... Read more »